Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Maze Runner

Thomas is awakes to find himself trapped in a maze full of teenage boys.  He can't remember his past and no one will answer his questions.  There isn't any downtime as Thomas' arrival changes everything for the current residents of the maze.  The boys haven't given up hope in the last two years that they can solve the maze and escape.  Two days after Thomas arrives a girl is sent to the maze and with her coming begins a new set of changes in the maze.  Its really a suspenseful book full of descriptive details about the maze.  The author skillfully creates a world that gives the reader as much anxiety as the main character, Thomas.  When Thomas is frustrated with the occupants of the maze, the reader will also be annoyed and frustrated with their unwillingness to answer his questions!  The plot has a quick pace and is filled with action.  I could NOT put this book down!

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