Tuesday, February 5, 2013

YALSA The Hub Reading Challenge!

Its been a while since I updated this post! Well thats about to change with my decision to participate in YALSA's 2013 The Hub Reading Challenge. I need to read more new books so that I am on top of teen trends. I'd like to be aware of new titles and be able to recommend new books to my students. The challenge is to read or listen to 25 out of 83 books on a list of award winning Young Adult (YA) books. There are so many good books on the list which you can find here. As far as I understand it, just about anyone teenagers on up can participate! At the end all who dare to meet the challenge (or conquer it reading all 83 books) is entered in a drawing for a tote bag of YA lit!!! The first up on my list is to reread Heist Society by Ally Carter. Yes, you have to read or reread all the books during the challenge time period!

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